Kerry Anne Nelson - Meet Kerry Nelson and her amazing story of how she fought through her own downfalls to make recreate her future.

You'll hear her journeys of Love and relationship Entrepreneurship empowerment Devastation Overcoming Feeling stuck and lonely to feeling independent.

Kerry Anne Nelson is known for her obsession with formalizing workplace processes to make things run smoothly. Having transformed her debt-ridden family business after her husband’s unexpected death in 2014,

Kerry Anne now teaches entrepreneurs across the globe to revel in the snowballing freedoms which come from streamlined systems. Get to hear her full story as she shares how she was able to build the empire that she envisioned.




December 5, 2020

Love Journey Through Wealth

Steve is our wealth expert specialising in helping people eliminate debt and creating multiple income streams from real estate and investments to escape the rat race and build a better life.


Steve Journey starts with creativity and innovation, that helps him buy his first house by the age of 18. Find out how his journey started and the insightful tips given to build a wealthy portfolio without any down payment.


Steve now is a property industry specialist. He guides clients through the property maze, to help them achieve their dream of owning property as an affordable means of generating income, wealth creation and retirement planning.

Residential Property, when well structured and carefully selected, is a low-risk way to secure your future by gradually building a portfolio of income-generating assets. The property, when held as part of a portfolio approach, has a historically strong capital gain profile which has proven itself time and again for over 100 years.

As a Property professional, Steve also invests in and manage his own property developments. he has earned a respectful reputation in the building industry, through the continual performance of a large referral network of property specialists and investors.

Donna Burgher and Lisa Meisels are international leaders in manifesting, spirituality and business. They intuitively guide spiritual seeking, heart-centred entrepreneurs who are ready for their next level of transformation. Their clients enjoy a fun, high vibe and magical journey as they quantum leap their success, impact and prosperity.

Donna and Lisa are not ordinary Law of Attraction, mainstream teachers. They specialize in spiritual growth and ascension using advanced manifesting skills and “magical invisible” tools. Their clients become manifesting magnets, attracting magic & miracles into their business and life.

They are the Founders of Manifest Magic & Miracles. com, Divine Manifesting Academy and The Conscious Community Circle. They are Manifesting Magic & Miracles Guides, Alignment & Ascension Mentors, Heart-Centered Business Paradigm Shifters, High-Vibe Reality Teachers, speakers, workshop and retreat leaders, bestselling authors and show hosts.

Donna and Lisa have merged their 60 years of experience in business, life, energy work, spirituality, manifesting and the healing arts. They have extensive knowledge and training in many healing modalities, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, ancient teachings, energy work, universal laws, and spiritual principles.

This Spiritual Manifesting Journey is Fun, Magical, and Life-Changing.

Specializing in advanced manifesting skills, spirituality and applying invisible tools, their clients become manifesting magnets, attracting magic & miracles into their business and life.

September 26, 2020

Love Journey Through Health

Meet Angus Fairbairn; Sports nutritionist, health expert and emotional eating specialist. I will help you unlearn everything that's keeping you stuck, and get you excited to dominate in all things health!


His work has transformed the lives of many wanting to fall in love with the person in the mirror, without the dieting. Angus sole beliefs are that you are bigger than your problems and you have to focus on your own wellbeing through appropriate eating habits

September 21, 2020

Are you Ready for Relationship?

Are you Ready for a Relationship?


Getting into a relationship is a very delicate situation, many people believe that there is a checklist they must cross before getting into a relationship.

  • Job;
  • Car;
  • Mental stability;
  • Etc

The list goes on and on. These checklists all they do is set us back from jumping onto a real relationship. They start to criticise themselves for not having all their checklist in order and therefore it creates doubt. This doubt holds us back from committing ourselves in the relationship; we being to manifest certain doubts in the relationship and question why your partner is even with you.

That will only create more ripple effect and these doubts and questions will bring forward self-defeating narratives that will crush down your relationship before it even started.

Ashford is a renounce dating expert that help many couples finding one another and using passion as a driving force, it all begins with confidence. 

Ashford has helped many men find themselves and create a relationship of their dreams. Listen to the audio presented here and find How Ashford created his world by first defining what a relationship means and the rest is history



June 21, 2019

Love is a Journey

Our love life is a Journey that we undertake; heading to a destination that is both unfamiliar and exciting. Love is a journey as it goes from one location to another, we will continue to travel on this journey until you reach the love that you desire.

Today's topic is about:

  • Explaining the concept of Love Journey
  • The How of the relationship
  • Staying present in Love journey

Hope you enjoy it

Happy Living everyone :)

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